Our Site

Here is a brief introduction to the site and the gamezones.

Humber Airsoft is situated in Leggotts Quarry in South Ferriby, disused for 50+ years it is now home to the areas largest dedicated outdoor airsoft club. The site is used purely for airsoft purposes and nothing else.

The sites gameplay areas totals around 35 acres, which is contains various features such as a Village Area, woodland, open areas, hilly areas and our main attraction the Middle Eastern style Firebase. The game area has over 15 respawn points so you are never too far away to respawn and get back into the game.

The Site is in a disused quarry so bear mind there are alot of hills, steep slopes and drops so boots must be worn. We have provided steps and ropes on the steeper slopes to aid in moving around the site.

Below are a few pics from one of our recent gamedays: